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                               This site contains all of the books and other things that I have written. 

                                          Simply click on the book cover you want to learn more about.



                                                    My first book, already available in print and electronic format, is titled

                                                         "Crossing the Gender Divide -  a Life in Two Worlds".  

                                                    It is a chronicle of my life meant to help others suffering through the

                                                    little-understood ordeal of being transgender - born with the physical body of one

                                                    sex and the brain of the opposite gender. 

                                           NOTE:  This is a new title for the

                                                    original book "Wishing On a Star -

                                                  My Journey Across the Gender Divide"








                                                   My second book, titled

                 "The Little Port In The Corn Fields - A History of Evansport, Ohio"

                             is also now available in print and electronic format! 


            It is the first book ever written about the little northwest Ohio village of

            200 people in which I grew up.  One of the original residents and town

            merchants was part of a very, very famous family of which you've

            probably heard:


                 His name was Francis Llewellyn Key, cousin of Francis Scott Key.



            My newest and third book is called "TIME SLIP - When Yesterday Ends", is a time travel story about a 

            journey to the past that goes horribly wrong.  It is available in print and ebook everywhere.



    Listen to my interview about "Time Slip - When Yesterday Ends"

    on "The Author's Show"!












                     Dr. Mona Barnett has invented a machine to travel back in time to recover historical artifacts

                    thought to be lost forever.  A malfunction in her machine while on a mission lands her in another

                    time, past the formation of the earth itself, and stranded on another world where the dominant

                    species isn’t human.  Mona finds herself in a fight for her life, for the life her new friends, and to

                    find a way to get back to her own world in a broken machine.



I am also working on the first of two sequels to Time Slip as well as a thriller about a young woman reporter who discovers a closely guarded secret that can bring a major sports league to its knees.  The working title is "Personal Foul".  

    To get to these books, simply click on the book cover and you will be directed to the page specifically designed for that book along with a synopsis and links to the book purchases.  Also just added is POETRY I've written over the years, some of it very dark as I struggled during my life before 'Wishing On A Star'.


                                               If you'd like to find out a little more about me, here's my BIO.


                                                  Thanks for visiting and don't forget to LEAVE A REVIEW!



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